"Try On and Stay Calm!"

16 May 2023

Dear girls, we are excited to announce our very exclusive offer to you: "Try On and Stay Calm!"

With this service you can try a few base bikinis of various sizes and fits before you order your bikinis in stones

Here's how it works:

  1. You send us your measurements and your individual requests on the base bikinis
  2. We pick 2 sizes of bra and 3 variants of bottoms cuts for you to try
  3. You can choose between two colour options of the base bikinis to try: black or red
  4. We will gladly consult you on the best fit for you and correct your base bikinis if necessary 

PRICE: The service costs 50€ + fee for delivery to your doorstep and back to us. The service cost and delivery fee are paid before we ship your base bikinis

DEPOSIT 250€ is paid 100% before shipping. We refund it immediately as you send us base bikinis back and show us the shipping bill photo.

IMPORTANT‼️ You should try on bikini bases strictly on your panties‼️ *If you return to us dirty base bottoms, we will have to charge you with dry cleaning service, when your embellished bikini is ready. We are all girls, aren't we! Let's try our best to avoid situations like that!

You have 3 days in order to receive the parcel, try on and send us back. If you delay with fitting or don't collect the parcel from the post office, we will have to deduct 10€ from you deposit for each day of a delay.

This service is very convenient for those who are suspicious about the size or afraid of distance ordering. This way you guarantee a perfect fit suit for yourself without any worries!



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