04 November 2020
Results of Russian Bodybuilding Championship in Krasnoyarsk
In Krasnoyarsk October 31 - November 1 2020 very important and desired event took place - Russian Bodybuilding Championship
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29 October 2020
Our showrooms in Saint Petersburg and Moscow
We always welcome you to visit our showrooms in both capitals for your convenience!
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05 June 2020
"Try On and Stay Calm!"
Our new exclusive service! Be sure to try if you have any suspicious about distance ordering!
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11 November 2019
Collections of most demanded designs!
Our Pride! Our Hits! All designs are joined in 3 best collections here!
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25 September 2019
Arnold Classic Europe 2019 Exhibition Results
About the grand Expo results and about winners at ACE 2019!
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26 August 2019
SV Bikini participates in Arnold Classic Europe 2019
Visit SV Bikini exhibition booth in the hugest sports event in Europe!
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