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Your Bikini Creation
Our specialists study all your features and body peculiarities to define the perfect size for you. Designer selects the base color suitable for your bikini design and confirm all the details if necessary
Bikini fabrication and decoration
Bikini is manufactured according to the individual model cut designed specifically for you, considering your body changes while training. The base is checked for quality and then sent to design department for decoration, always under control of main designer and strictly according to the scheme.
Bikini is ready
Our manager contacts you by email or Whats app. You receive the photo and video of your ready item. Only delivery way is left to choose.
Perfect quality is maintained on 3 conditions:
We use only original rhinestones by the best manufacturers.
Our employees are highly qualified and use professional equipment, that guarantees the best quality of the product.
We monitor every step involved in product manufacture and distribution: quality of bikini base tailoring, accessories and bikinis disinfection and durability, labor legislation agreement
16 May 2023
Our showrooms in Saint Petersburg and Moscow
We always welcome you to visit our showrooms in both capitals for your convenience!
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16 May 2023
"Try On and Stay Calm!"
Our new exclusive service! Be sure to try if you have any suspicious about distance ordering!
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  • How to make an order?
    You should fill in the request form on our webpage and our manager will contact you!
  • Is there something on me in stock?
    In order to select the suit availible in stock, you should fill in your measurements in the request form and our manager will offer what suits will fit you.
  • Do you consider shape changes in preparation?
    Yes! We have a big experience in the distant manufacturing and we always consider your shape changes after dieting!
  • What if the size does not fit?
    We always respond promptly to all questions and complaints. If the size doesn't fit, you need to take a photo in our suit frontally, side and back and send us an email. We will contact you immediately for a prompt solution.
  • I urgently need a bikini (need to have it in a week), what shall I do?
    Yes, we can urgently make a bikini in 3 days for additional payment 100 Euro. In this case you will also need to consider DHL Express dellivery to receive a bikini within 2-3 days.
  • Is it possible to order an exclusive design, for only me to have it?
    Yes! We love to create extraordinary designs. With your or our description/scheme we can make all your fantasies true for additional payment 150 Euro! If you want to have the only one design in the world, we will provide you with the certificate about not repeating your design for anybody else in the world! This service is included only in our box "Turnkey Image".
  • How is the Delivery made ?
    We work with EMS Russian Post and DHL Express services. You need to know more from our manager what essentian delivery way will be suitable with you.
  • Can I wash the bikini?
    You should! Tan paint is perfectly washed away! Just wash the bikini with hands in the warm soupy water, slighly squeeze and put to dry on the towel. Your bikini is like new!
We will think over your entire stage image.
Get the entire performance kit, including the dress. Order everything in one place and calmly continue to prepare the form, without thinking about your image!
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