Collections of most demanded designs!

11 November 2019

We would like to present here our most favourite designs collections, most wanted by our customers and most amazingly-looking on the stage! Design we feel proud of and often hear million of adoring comments about from our customers! 

1. "Heart Collection" likely is our most favourite and numerous one, though we are sure that it is not the end of our fantasy and new designs in this style will continue to appear and win everybody's heart!


2. "Pomegranate Collection" , it is all about mix of 2 contrasting colours which look amazingly balanced, bright and noble on the stage! 


3. Juicy "Mojito Collection", unique and exclusive designs with very unusual and bright electric stones from the limited Swarovski Collection! This group will soon be joined with another bold designs with red and orange electric shades!  


Press any photo with design to visit its page with description and price!

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Scarlet mix
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