Arnold Classic Europe 2019 Exhibition Results

25 September 2019

September 20-22 in Barcelona the significant event for sportsmen and sports lovers  Arnold Classic Europe 2019 took place.

SV Bikini participated first time as sponsors and were the one company to exhibite the suits and dresses for Fitness Bikini, Fitness Model and Body Fitness categories. That was unforgettable and very busy time, we helped the girls to choose a bikini of their dream, got aquainted with distant customers and discussed personally the details for the following orders. Some girls purchasing bikini from us then wore them to hit the stage the other day! Generally we are very happy with the results and hopefully participance in Arnold Classic Europe will always be our tradition.


We cannot help but saying how proud we were for all our beautiful girls who competed at the tournament! They were just admirable and irresistible after their hard work on their shape and their efforts in making their look incomparable! We congratulate everyone with such great achievements and are gratefull for your devotion!

Congratulations to Yana Kuznetsova with a winnery in PRO Fitness Bikini League, as well as our girls Galina Maslovskaya and Mariya Galitskova with Overall Winnery in Amateur Fitness Bikini! Here you can watch the bikinis in which our girls won: Yana's design Electric Pink, Galya's design Azure, Mariya's design Grapefruit Heart!

Please enjoy the gallery with beauties in our bikinis! Press the photo to watch the design you like!



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